Whangamata Dance Studio

since 1999

The New Zealand Association of Modern Dance syllabus is taught in Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop. For further information on their syllabus work, please visit  www.nzamd.co.nz 

WDS follows the school terms, and starts classes at the beginning of the school year, working towards examinations held in August. All students sit exams for a selected examiner from the NZAMD, and receive a certificate or rosette depending on which level they are at.  All students are given a results card, with a mark and comments, reflecting their achievement.

Show Work

Show Work

After our exams are completed, all students participate on stage.

Every second year we put on our 'BIG' production. This involves a story line, with sets, and auditions for leading roles held early in the year. In the 'inbetween' years we perform a show with no storyline, and few set changes, and with a theme.  Some of these in the past have been,  'The 90's Collective',  'a Tribute to MICHAEL JACKSON', 'The MUSICALS 2',  'BACK TO THE 80s' and  'the MUSICALS'  , the latter being the 2011 production, and including pieces from highly acclaimed musicals such as, 'Cats', 'Hairspray', 'Chicago', 'Annie', and 'Mary Poppins' just to name a few! Previous BIG productions have included the STORYBOOK in 2016, PENELOPE PAN & the LOST GIRLS in 2014, Earth Girl and the E.G.G's in 2012,  'OUT OF THIS WORLD'  in 2010,  'I DREAM OF CHRISTMAS'  in 2008,  'CINDERELLA'  in 2006, and  'ROBIN HOOD'    in 2004, just to name a few...